Finding Endurance

The best book I read this year is Finding Endurance.

The fascination with the Endurance expedition began for South African writer David Bristow-Bovey when his father told him that he had gone south with Ernest Shackleton. As a 10 year old boy, David even gave a speech at school about it. When his father dies shortly after, he finds out that something is not right. His father was not yet born when the Endurance sank.

After Shackleton’s Endurance is found in 2022 deep in the sea near Antarctica, David starts a journey. In search of Shackleton's story, and how he manages to get all the members of the expedition home alive. But especially in search of his father, who was tied to his home after a stroke. And where, together with him, he created his own world.

The survival story on the pack ice of Antarctica remains great to read. What made this book different is the personal journey, trying to find his dad, who passed when he was young. A search that will move readers who have parents with chronical illness, or are a parent with chronical illness themselves.

Finding Endurance: Shackleton, My Father and a World Without End by Darrel Bristow-Bovey.

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